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about val

Hello and welcome!

I'm Val, just your average multi-faceted complex human! Dreamer, thinker, extra-miler, reader and writer. 


I've always worked hard and tried to please other people... until that stopped working and I had to ask myself why. I've always been a cheery class-clown type... until that stopped working and I had to ask myself why. I had high expectations for the type of mom I would be, and then learned that parenting is a heck of a lot harder than it looks! Nothing really worked anymore. I'm well educated and yet, around midlife I had a major realization: I don't really know anything. 


One underlying question I've been wondering about for years is: if I have all the ingredients for a happy life, how come I don't feel more joyful?  More importantly: what can I do about it?


I'm a person who's always been asked for advice. And I loved giving it too, until one day I realized I couldn't meaningfully explain to our kids the difference between confidence and courage, or how to "be grateful", or how to get themselves out of a funk. If I don't actually know, how am I supposed to teach them?


I figured I'd better hit the books and learn some things that will actually serve me as an adult. 

I've had to start my life over in a lot of ways, and this blog is about that journey.
Whatever I learn, I share. I want to give you things (ideas, concepts, strategies) that you can use right now.

My journey toward better understanding happiness (and making it stick) have made me a huge reader and broadened my horizons. I've delved into neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, gratitude, spirituality, mindset, family dynamics, fulfilment, self-care, relationships, parenting, self-actualization, personal development and mental health in general. These are the topics that are addressed on this site and on our instagram.

My goals with this happiness project are simple: 

  • Keep teaching and inspiring myself

  • Keep teaching and inspiring those around me 

  • Get certified as a Life Coach so I can reach even more people


My day job is running the marketing consulting boutique over at, where I empower women who are starting their second act develop their business vision and their unique voice, and then overcome tech overwhelm to create their online presence. I'm a mom of 2 who works from home, and write from that context.

My hope is that you find some inspiration here, and share what you've learned with those around you.

Increasingly happily,

Val Lonergan

Montreal, Canada

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